Where does your stress live?

| July 16, 2014 | 1 Comment

We think of the holidays during the winter as being such stressful times. Now it’s the summer season and many of us are under added stress trying to get in all the traditions, all the plans, all the barbecues, and all the family and friends into ten short weeks, generally with only one or two weeks of vacation time.

Gigi Stress seems to be with many of us year round. In Rocks Through My Window, the mother, Gigi, finds herself unraveling over a ten-year period of time. Her stress spirals  down into serious health issues that cause permanent damage. What does it take for some of us to let go of the things we can’t control? When do we learn to only control the things  we can? As a mother, how many of us want to “control it all”?  Picking up Rocks Through My Window as your next summer read may just be the “tap on your shoulder” you’re  looking for to help you recognize your own stress.  Why not live a happier, more loving life by letting go, forgiving others, and loving more. It worked for Gigi!

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  1. Jackie Ritchie says:

    That sounds like summer for all active families. So lite time so much fun to plan.

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