Where are the winds taking you?

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For a vessel to “veer”, means to slacken the lines and go where the winds take you. The summer winds are blowing now and this time of year lends perfect winds for sailing. My first novel, Rocks Through My Window, is veering from its original course and as its captain, I see the lines of the sails crossing the waves to wash up on the laps of waiting readers from different generational groups.

A young mother from Connecticut with two small children writes, “I could not put the novel down from the first page. The story is both incredulous and entirely relatable at the same time – weather you’re the parent OR the child.” A mother in MA with two teens writes, “This book made me think hard about what I’ve done that has been good in raising my children, what should I change now, and ways for them to go on their journey of life – and succeed.” A grandmother on Cape Cod writes, “There is something in this story for everyone to identify with: love, family dynamics, despair, and hope. A good read!”

As the summer progresses, I’m challenged with the thought of where will my winds take me? I’m anxious and excited to see. I’m also open for whatever may be; much fun! Rocks Through My Window is a read to set others on their course. Is there a storm near your shores? Does lightning strike when dealing with your young adults? Is the anchor of forgiveness on your ship too hard to pbtain? Catch this summer read and come aboard. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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