Tending Bridges

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The Cape Cod Canal. Ever hear of   it? I live in an area of Massachusetts where its length, its width, its bridges, and its purpose is utmost to many. The Canal is close by and has become a good friend. The canal had a rough start. It was built twice, has constant repairs, and is imperative for passage, both by car and/or boat. This summer it turned 100 years old and the celebrations were numerous.

Rocks Through My Window, like the Cape Cod Canal, finds itself with a rough start. Though many readers find themselves reading through the book in 24 hours, the story chronicles 10 years in the history of the Ramadi family. It begins with a couple contemplating divorce, a mother desperately trying to make repairs, and its waters cover events most people find familiar; marital differences, struggles with young adults, dysfunctional behavior, polarization, forgiveness, love, never giving up…

The reader travels over, under, and through the bridges of life’s challenges with the Ramadi family and along the way, perhaps, discovers his/her own bridges. Author’s purpose? To write a relatable story which could possibly enable parents/grandparents out there to reach the celebratory years at the end of their own passages without becoming another national statistic, and come through their own canals gloriously to pass on love and forgiveness to the next generation.

Come visit the Cape Cod Canal, it’s a beautiful destination.

Do you have family or friends who have bridges in need of tending? Have you repaired your own? How have you found your way over the challenging canals of family life?

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