cover-lorez“This virgin author uniquely combines a fast moving compelling narrative with hysterical anecdotes and flashbacks. This delightful, faith-filled book will nourish your heart.”
- Midge Miles, Founder/President, The Storied Organization, West Bend, Wisconsin

“Jeannie Coco speaks to the hearts of so many of us who are parents of young adults struggling to find themselves in an ever-challenging world. With humor and insight, she journeys through the struggles of finding the balance between allowing our children to face the consequences of their choices or rescuing them “again” while we maintain the façade that our family is intact. Through faith, perseverance and an undeterred resolve that our kids and families are worth fighting for, this book will encourage and challenge you to never give up that fight.”
- Les Steckel, President/CEO, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kansas City, Kansas

“Every family has a story; good, bad, and ugly. A troubled family is rarely chronicled for all to analyze. Communication, the key to all r elationships, becomes paramount in saving this family’s soul. Any family will learn and savor the lessons in Rocks Through My Window.”
 - Elaine W. Young, RN, PhD. Author of, The Condoms Are Next To The Toothpaste: Sex Talk At The Kitchen Table

“Jeannie Coco is a talented new writer who I believe readers will love! She writes from the heart and tells a story that everyone should read.”                 

- Carol McCleary, Int’l. Author of Alchemy of Murder, Illusion of Murder, Formula of Murder

“Few mothers would dare to write a story about their deepest feelings and heartbreaks for others to see. It is much easier to confide in a friend or retreat with a glass of wine. Yet, what is most personal is also most universal. Many mothers will find much consolation in reading “Rocks Through My Window” knowing that parenting often seems more challenging than rewarding. As Jeannie Coco writes, “Just when you think you are done with parenting, they move the finish line.” The author clearly obtains her goal: to witness to the power of prayer and to offer real hope to the reader that they are not alone or dysfunctional coping with family issues; and if “Gigi” can do it, so can others who believe in the power of love. The author tells a powerful story. I found myself routing for “Gigi” from one adventure to another. I suspect readers will do the same and along the way will be inspired to also route for themselves.”    – J. LaCroix, Norwell, MA

“Jeannie captured the heart and sole of her characters. Great read telling a story that everyone will find a part that is familiar. The story drives you to want to finish the book to see how it ends and it doesn’t disappoint.”   - Smello, Boston

“A nicely done story of family challenges as children evolve into young adults, meet life challenges/blips and get on their right life course. The impact this has on family dynamics is realistic and inspirational.”  - “MJC” Foxborough, MA

“I found myself drawn into the story from the beginning and couldn’t put it down. Such heartache and struggles this family went through with their son. I was rooting for all of them along the way and was shaken as one situation happened after another and how they tried to deal with each situation as it came. I am almost to the point of my oldest heading to college. This book made me think hard about what I’ve done that has been good in raising my children, what I should change now, and ways for them to go on their journey of life–and succeed.”  - C. Cerce, Norton, MA

“I like books that make me eager to read and reluctant to put the book down, and yet at the same time require me to take the time to reflect upon what is written. This author grabbed at my throat with her preface. The remaining chapters grabbed my heart and mind.” - N. Napoleone, South Carolina

“Coco certainly captured the essence of raising a challenging son while keeping a family together through the good times and bad. “Rocks Through My Window” is laced with humor, sprinkled with tears and driven with the energy of a mother determined to hold it all together. I found the relationship between Gigi the mother, and Grace the daughter, to be so heartwarming the way they could practically read each other’s thoughts. Can’t wait to share this book with my own two daughters. I highly recommend this book to all familes who need to know they are not alone in the many challenges of raising their children.” - J. Ritchie, M.Ed, Wisconsin

 ”There is something in this story for everyone to identify with: love, family dynamics, despair, and hope. A good read!” – Ibby, suburbia, MA

“Climb into a car to vicariously experience the roller coaster of emotions with a family of four as the daughter, and especially the son, have a heart-stopping ride through young adulthood as they all attempt to stay on track. Unlike the amusement ride, this one spans realistic depictions of Vermont, Great Britain, and New York, leaving the most challenging hill for the end. The author, Jeannie Coco, knows how to design and run this ride for those daring enough to take it.” – Cape Cod Grandma, MA

“I could not put the novel down from the first page. The story is both incredulous and entirely relatable at the same time–whether you’re the parent OR the child. Coco’s imagery paints such a clear vision for the reader it’s as if the reader is the fly on the wall of characters Gigi and Tony’s house observing their fight, the invisible passenger of the stolen car in the middle of Italy, or a classmate of Grace’s covering for Mark just one more time. Gigi’s never-wavering faith is a reminder to us all to believe in the power of prayer, and to realize we can never control other people-or even ourselves-as we are in the hands of a much more powerful force. It is a comfort to all parents to never ever give up on their children, and a comfort to all children that they can always go home.” – J. Record, M. Ed, CT






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