Lifting the Burden

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Personally, I’m not influenced/prejudiced by other people’s religions. I work very hard at always being cognizant of trying to have an open mind. Religion, spirituality, faith…many of us mix up  the terms to suit our needs, our search for a path, don’t we? Whether you’re in a place, a group, network, other type of fellowship I just hope you have a pew.

I have a relentless faith in God; couldn’t survive without it. I’m only me and I know only me just doesn’t cut it at times. Through our struggles, our journeys, can we control, shape, determine, plan, and live out our lives with everything exactly the way it should be or the way we want it to be all the time? Some may think so; I know many try. I clearly claim that particular idealist thought to be totally bogus – if God had answered all of my prayers, I would have been screwed long ago!

Some say, God “never” answers their prayers. Do those same people ever recognize what He does give you through challenging times? Many (myself included) often fail to see the roof still overhead, or if the roof is gone, loved ones still alive. If loved ones are taken, what a gift I had with them and the strength to carry on. Faith gives me hope. It relieves the burdens; it lightens the load.

In chapter four of Rocks Through My Window, the mother, Gigi, is desperate to save her son from becoming estranged from the family. She carries the weight to save herself from her own unresolved issues of control, and has a burdened heart to save her fractured marriage. How can she do it all alone? Her personal relationship with God frees her up to ask for help.

“I confess, dear Lord, I can’t get through this. I can’t continue. I need your help, and I am asking you to come into my heart. I surrender. I turn over the entire load. I surrender my weaknesses, my resentments, and all my fears. I give up my pride and my need to be in control. I ask you to strengthen me, to help me be a better person, and to show me a better way. I ask you, God, to lift this burden from my broken heart. Please, carry this for me. I can no longer endure this pain alone. You, only you, God can help me now, and I will be patient to see your plan.”

When one has no other place to turn, why not?


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