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On my plate today, my fork literally stabbed through a mound of eggs with cheese, broccoli, and bacon pieces. The colors were alluring, the aroma mouth watering, and the intent: dieting. Truth? Two eggs instead of three would have been better. I didn’t need the cheese. I could have cut the broccoli amount as well. And bacon? Bacon is dieting? I’m so weak. I try, my intentions are always good, but I fall. A parallel came to mind.

Don’t some of us as parents and grandparents do the same?  Let’s stick to the basics from which many of us were raised, eh? Do our kids and grandkids really need that $100 birthday present? Some of us often give, think, worry, control, love – too much. Less would be fine. Couldn’t we think of spending half and giving half to a good cause? How many families even have an extra $50? We over indulge ourselves by over indulging the ones we love. And what does that teach?

In Rocks Through My Window, I write in chapter seven – entitled Friendships - about different “ingerdients” in life and how they walk into your path; some staying, some just passing through. What are the healthy ingredients in your life and what do you need to “eat in moderation”? How can you stay on your “diet” so as not smother, enable, indulge, or control? Gigi and Tony Ramadi (the two main characters) together discovered a way to map their path - can you?

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