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Fall in New England is generally quite breathtaking every year. “Leaf Peepers” on bus tours from all over the country come clog our major highways and hotel lodgings can be difficult to ascertain, but it’s all good; there’s so much excitement for so many. It’s also a time of much change. Our temperatures plummet, our days shorten, our schedules turn havoc, and our 21st-century style of living challenges some more than the year before.

This year, “everyone” seems to be humming, “Let it go! Let it go!” from the Disney hit Frozen,  myself included when I’m with the grandkids. Wouldn’t it be an awesome change if we could let go of our annual complaints about the weather? It’s New England. It’s what happens here. Wouldn’t it be a healthy change if we could let go of some stress and re-examine our schedules to set priorities and let go of unnecessariness? Wouldn’t it be an amazing change in our lives if we could eliminate just one computerized/electronically-based piece of equipment and still find ourselves living and breathing?

I let go of resentment a long time ago; it only festers, serves no purpose.  That was a major change. Heartache is a tough one to let go, but I conquered that when I learned to forgive. It wasn’t an easy process of change, but it became a critical life-long benefit. Failure can be haunting when you hit bottom, but I let go of that, too, when I discovered there’s nowhere to go but up. A death is a horrific loss, but when I finally let go of the tears, comfort came changing me, teaching me to appreciate more of what I was blessed to have. I went on to share those blessings, only to enrich the lives of others.

My challenge to you this fall season: make changes in your life.  Are there any things you can let go to help change your own temperature, your schedule, your life style? Who can you forgive? What heartache can you let go? What blessings can you share? How can you enrich the lives of others? In Rocks Through My Window, two fictitious characters, Tony and Gigi, discover some of these changes in their marital relationship. Their struggles were many, as ours are, and their “fall seasons” came and went, as ours do.  I’m challenging you to pick up a copy, get inspired, realize you’re not alone, make some changes, and discover where you’re blessings truly are in your own life. Colors; they’re forever changing……


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