Can Love Shine Through?

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AcceptanceIt’s been a topic for years and now it’s an article in newspapers regularly, on TV talk shows, and often call-in conversations on radio: the absence of healthy father-son relationships in many families across America today. Even our President speaks of his personal void.

The family unit is decaying from California to Maine and my personal quest, my sole purpose now for living, is to try to, through writing, to slow that process down. It’s absolutely thrilling to have a “purpose”. I don’t mean a reason to live, a goal to reach, a need to survive, a life because you are and you exist, you have responsibilities, or you’re a parent. I mean a real purpose! I want every young adult male to grow up to be strong, good fathers, and the best husbands possible, if that’s what they want. Young males today who are blessed to have dads need those dads to love them no matter what.

In Rocks Through My Window, the father character, Tony, struggles with his own demons, preventing him from having the sought after father-son relationship his own son deserves. In chapter four Gigi pleas; “I need a husband who loves each of his children equally for who they are, not disappointed for what they have not chosen to achieve.” Are the road blocks to healing caused by anger, pride, embarrassment? Is it one’s upbringing or religion? Can love shine through from inner work? Who’s willing to do the work? How can families heal? I’ve tried to write a relatable story of a family’s journey back to love – through forgiveness. My writing is to reach those who may be struggling with their own journeys; always in an effort to let readers know you are not alone.

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