Appreciating the Surprises

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Jeannie Gets A Hole-in-OneOh, the surprises that come to us in life……. Of course they come when least expected, that’s what makes it a surprise, of course! And aren’t we lucky when they do occur? That is, when the surprises are good ones.

Nearly 15 years ago now, I got my first hole-in-one. It was during a dark time in my life; it was not recognized, nor appreciated, and quickly forgotten. How depressing! Last week, I joyfully celebrated 68 blessed, marvelous years on this earth and got my second hole-in-one at the same time. Now that was a fantastic surprise! Not so good the first time around, but such a joy the second.

I’ve smiled peacefully these last few days when reflecting about my recent event and here’s my thought to share.  First, a hole in one is pure luck. Second, when I reached down and took the ball out of the cup, my heart raced back within a millimeter of a second to 15 years ago. Only this time I jumped up and beamed with overwhelming excitement. My heart exploded with unending love and admiration for my husband who was embracing me with open arms and laughter.

You see, back around the time of the first hole-in-one my husband and I were broken, contemplating divorce, losing our son who was leaving home to “find himself” in Europe.  We were divided in parenting methods, lacking in communication skills, and were polarized in thought. Through a course of time, learning painfully to forgive, experiencing the need to give up control, and appreciating what it is to “love no matter what,” we made it through our 18 holes of marital repair and last week I felt we had made it to “our Masters” at the Augusta National.

I’m so honestly spirited to share my story. It’s never too late to celebrate whether you’re thinking of something that happened years ago or a recent event; more important to give credence where credit is due. To me, life is way too short to wallow in the things of the past; darkness destroys. I’ll be forever thankful that my husband asked me for “just one more day.” One more day. Can YOU love someone, forgive someone, or share something with someone one more day? One day can change everything; time often changes all.

I hope you pick up a copy of Rocks Through My Window this month and connect with Tony and Gigi who had lots of surprises in their married lives. The storyline is very much an inspirational read and one that is most relatable to so many. A hole-in-one is pure luck; a successful marriage, good parenting, and true love takes a lot more work…….all worth celebrating!

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