Another Call to Live With Change

| April 23, 2015 | 0 Comments
Hello readers. I’m back! It’s been a while and much has transpired. 2014, what a year it was–so heartwarming to share so much with so many! My first book, ROCKS THROUGH MY WINDOW, landed in the hands of more than ever imagined, all good. My initial,  ”first chapter experience” of marketing in the literary world successfully closed at the year’s end and now, more newness!
20150328_141150Next month my husband and I are relocating from a lifetime in New England to a world awaiting us in South Carolina. Finally, I’ve found my legs and they’re quite unexpectedly walking directly into the plans I never imagined, but God had all along for this author.

My passionate subjects of interest concerning parenting roles, marital challenges, family polarization, and young-adult dysfunctional behavior are, in my opinion, in need of constant discussion for so many looking for and wanting healing. I feel my writing can grow exponentially by continuing to offer experiences and insights, but more so now on a more developed level. With spiritual guidance, my heart is to get “out of my own boxes” and be “in over my head” with efforts to help others through spiritually-based inspirational writings. This all leads me to women’s ministry organizations and Christian fellowship groups–a platform springboarding from originally presenting at libraries and book groups.

It’s all most exciting, unfolding as I speak, and I promise to keep better connected as this new journey marches forward. In the meantime, I sincerely thank all my readers for your continued support. Remember, ROCKS THROUGH MY WINDOW, is available on and B& Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming–need a gift?

adios for now,
book two, here we come!

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