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Rocks Through My medical marijuana doctors near me Window is not just another story, it’s a relatable unfolding covering two decades, two continents, and too many happenings in the making. If I were a writer of historical fiction, or even a made-for-television screen writer, this premise would read “based on real events,” though not all of it actually happened to my own family.  It is a story that happens to many of us with spouses, children, and idealistic expectations. Written from the heart and with deep passion, Rocks Through My Window brilliantly tells a piercing, relatable story of family polarization and forgiveness, inspiring hope.

My own life has been filled with wonderful surprises born out of false expectations.

In my teens I found myself leaving the college scene and venturing to Mobile, Alabama, a very unsettling time.  I married in my 20′s and have hellomda life-long reputation of being an engaging storyteller.  It was my high-school sweetheart, now husband, who repetitively encouraged me to write, all a thankful time. My 30′s brought two beautiful children into our lives and turning 40 a degree from Bryant Univeristy in Smithfield, Rhode Island was a tremendous gift I gave myself, very happy times. Throughout the years exploring South Africa for a month, traversing all of Europe, leaving empty umbrella drinks on nearly every island, camping in national parks, climbing the Pyramids, and walking the pathways through Jerusalem have all indubitably influenced and inspired my adult life, very fortunate times. When I turned 60 I was found having way too much fun and skydived over Cape Cod from 10,000 feet, a celebratory time.

My college degree is best essay help the anthithesis of my current interest, inspirational writing.  For five years stories I wrote for a weekly Friday-morning writing class accumulated.  Once I finally accepted the challenge, the stories lead to a storyline and a book was born.  It was a different kind of plunge for me, somewhat scary, cautious, and at times too overwhelming. There was never a “routine” for writing. When pressured for class I wrote, but when it was discovered the “message” was an important one for others, the writing flowed. I’ll be forever grateful to those who encouraged me to get this job done.

I continue to live for airline tickets, not new cars or more jewelry, and book clubs will always be a must. It’s such a delight to learn, share, and pass on good readings with others. Now that I have accomplished this recent undertaking, maybe next summer will render some rest and more beach reading of my own.  I recommend everyone to never be without a book in their hands.

A true lover of nature, my years will always have me on kayaking adventures, enjoying golf tournaments, and longing for winters to come with great skiing on New England mountains. I’m proud of what I have, a strong 43-year marriage,  and am thankful I can pass that representation on to my children. My husband and I make our home  in Plymouth, MA.

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