A Father’s Struggle

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“The kid has two demons of his own in his head. I think he’s got a lot of demons, like me. One’s very angry and defeated. The other is a combination of thoughtfulness and being compassionate, the attributes that give our son such great potential–attributes from you,” speaking to the mother. ”The second calls him to be honest; neither he or I can right now, but we’re trying, we’re getting there. Which demon do I think is going to become the victor? The one he, and I, decides to nurture and sustain…….”
This excerpt from Chapter 20 in Rocks Through My Windowfather-son-silhouette is a piece exemplifying a breakthrough in a father’s relationship with his young adult son. The father character, Tony, has struggled with marital polarization over the issue and begins the journey of correlating his pain with the absence of a healthy father-son relationship with his own dad. Reflecting on Father’s Day this month, Rocks Through My Window, may be just the summer read waiting for you. Walk right into the lives of the Ramadi family and listen in on their journey through a crisis, experience their struggles, and discover how through forgiveness and love, resolution and hope are there for us all…..if we’re willing to never give up.

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