• Rocks Through My Window

    A debut novel of heart and perception that will make any parent realize she is not alone in the journey.

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  • About the Author

      Rocks Through My medical marijuana doctors near me Window is not just another story, it’s a relatable unfolding covering two decades, two continents, and too many happenings in the making. If I were a writer of historical fiction, or even a made-for-television screen writer, this premise would read “based on real events,” though not all of it […]

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  • Reviews

    “Every family has a story; good, bad, and ugly. A troubled family is rarely chronicled for all to analyze. Communication, the key to all r elationships, becomes paramount in saving this family’s soul. Any family will learn and savor the lessons in Rocks Through My Window.”
    – Elaine W. Young, RN, PhD. Author of, The Condoms Are Next To The Toothpaste: Sex Talk At The Kitchen Table

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  • Words for Parents

    A growing list of basic tips:  No referral here to the world of technology or drugs.  If you’ve got the basics, everything else will fall in place, hopefully. If you have some “tips” of your own, please feel free to contact me and I’ll add them to the list.  Life’s too short not to share, […]

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  • Author’s Viewpoint

    The numbers are uncertain to me, but I believe many young-adult children in this country do make poor decisions based on lost or evasive relationships with their parent(s) or guardians that can lure them to destitute and/or destructive lifestyles.  I see them on streets in both my urban and suburban travels across the country. I […]

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Jeannie Coco on “Books and the World” – Presented by Cape Cod Media

Rocks Through My Window

cover-lorezWelcome to my world of inspiring others, to my world of allowing parents out there to realize that they are not alone in the challenges of raising young adults. Welcome to my world of inspiration for troubled marriages, family conflicts, foregiveness. Welcome to my world of sharing. I’m so glad you’re here.

My debut novel can soon be in your hands to delight, inspire, entertain, and rock your most inner, personal feelings of where a family can be in the world of parenting. Explore and experience the personal decisions one couple made to resolve a family crisis. Journey through a personal saga where a family crisis nearly dissvolves a marriage. This inspiring story line will delight your mind, touch your soul, entertain your thoughts, and rock you to pass this writing on to others. Are we beginning our journey as parents wisely, in the middle somewhere painfully struggling?  Or are the little darlings out of college, married, gone, and we think we’re done?  Are we ever really done?

Here’s a fictional novel, based on a true story, where you can perhaps relate to your own journey between the lines.  I’m a parent, grandparent, wife, and survivor of a ten-year period of parental trials without any constructive manuals or “Parenting for Dummies” publications. All the doctors ever said to me was, “Congratulations! Here’s your new baby.” Not, “Congratulations! Here’s your new baby, now let me tell you all you need to know to be a good parent.”  What’s a good parent?

No, no family is perfect. Life’s not perfect, and a crisis in a family, or polarization within a family, or dysfunctional parenting skills, stress, foregiveness, whatever the case may be, can wreak havoc on a marriage.  Many marriages don’t survive the challenges.  Mine did.  I’m one of the lucky ones. When you decide to either seek inspiration, or look for assistance, or simply read for entertainment, you’ll find out how I did it by reading Rocks Through My Window. You’ll also discover how thankful I am to have traveled the road chosen, and why.

Here’s a story that is an important one to share—one that may very well be helpful to you, or someone you know. I’m glad you’re here. Enjoy the ride!

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